Summer holidays – self-isolating after returning to the UK

In August the government published new guidance for workers and employees on employment rights associated with self-isolating after returning to the UK from countries where there are now quarantine rules in place. The guidance can be found here:

The brief guidance explains that, where possible, people should work from home during their self-isolation period. Where that is not possible, they should take extra annual leave to cover the quarantine if there is enough leave remaining. It also confirms that an employer can require an employee to take leave to cover a period of post-travel self-isolation (provided the notice periods prescribed by law are observed). The guidance doesn’t address the questions of what to do where there is no annual leave left and the role is not one that can be done from home, and whether SSP might be payable. Depending on the circumstances it may be that a period of unpaid leave could be utilised. We can advise on specific cases so do contact us if you need guidance in this situation.

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