What our clients say about us

Employees Testimonials

What our clients say about us

Employees Testimonials

I had reason to call on Julian Taylor Solicitors’ expertise as I needed some expert advice on a compromise agreement with an ex employer. They were recommended to me by a friend who works in HR who had achieved some excellent outcomes working with Nicola Wallbank. I found Nicola to be extremely professional and helpful. She carefully guided me through the process and stepped in whenever a problem with the employer occurred. We ultimately reached a satisfactory and painless outcome which was a testament to Nicola’s patience and professionalism. I have no hesitation in recommending Nicola and Julian Taylor Solicitors (and indeed I have done so on many an occasion).

Nicola, supported us on a legal matter, this was handled superbly in a very professional manner, her knowledge supported our case with a very positive outcome.

May I take this opportunity to say that it has been a pleasure to work with you, and I have been impressed with your intelligence, knowledge and diligence. Thank you for this!

I would happily recommend Julian Taylor Solicitors where service is both professional and personal and delivered in a friendly, ‘non-stuffy’ manner with the client very much at the centre.

Julian Taylor Solicitors were recommended to me by one of the foremost barristers’ chambers specialising in Employment Law. As sometime senior partner of a central London law firm I was in the unhappy position of having to take proceedings in the Tribunal against my ex-colleagues. My opponents employed many delaying tactics including unnecessary appeals on preliminary points of law and what might charitably be called obfuscation. Throughout the three years it took to get to the full hearing Julian’s very personal hand rested gently on my shoulder. He has many talents including a strong intellect and knowledge of his subject, but I particularly valued his huge support and good sense in keeping me from behaving like my Labrador and heading off into the woods to chase rabbits.

The damages I was eventually awarded came in the middle of the range of his forecast at the inception of proceedings. His skill also won me an award of aggravated damages, which are very rare in the Tribunal – I believe found to be due in less than 1% of cases.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Julian and his excellent team to anyone who requires first class practical and measured advice on employment matters.

The clear and practical advice I was given resulted in better discussions with my employer in a redundancy situation. Julian Taylor Solicitors were able to quickly digest detail and highlight only the important issues for attention. This contrasted against the sometimes sloppy and delayed work we could see from the brand name City firm used by HR. I also encourage those considering a new job offer to invest in advice from Julian Taylor Solicitors to explain any issues in the contract and suggest constructive amendments. Julian Taylor Solicitors was recommended to me via a relative in the legal profession, and I can only pass on that recommendation to others having experienced good service and advice first hand.

Having worked in a number of roles in the financial services sector I have used Julian ‘s services on a number of occasions and have always been impressed with his ability to quickly understand the issues and provide practical solutions being both sensible and pragmatic. I continue to work with a number of large law firms and it is a welcome contrast to work with Julian Taylor Solicitors who are able to provide the level of legal knowledge but on a more personal basis.

I have no hesitation in recommending Julian and his team. As a construction industry professional with over 35 years’ experience I have engaged them on more than one occasion. Julian is quick to grasp and assess the complexity of issues and provide sound advice from both a commercial and personal point of view. He has always been on hand to discuss matters at length and often out of hours, I have never felt that advice or service was compromised by budgetary constraints. I can, without reservation, say that Julian’s advice and support will compliment and add value to any business or individual.

I found myself in a very awkward, somewhat complex employment situation which was causing me great anxiety. Faced with exclusion and potential dismissal, I confided in a friend who is an HR professional. She referred me to Nicola at Julian Taylor Solicitors, having always had positive outcomes, whether in her own personal professional experience or for those to whom she recommended her.

I am very glad (and relieved) to say that my own case and experience did not damage my friend’s 100% record. My appeal was not only successful, it was judged by my employer’s HR representative to be the best they had ever seen, resulting in a resolution in record time.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Nicola Wallbank to anyone who finds themselves in need of legal advice in any employment situation.

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