Training on HR Issues & Employment Law Issues

Training on HR Issues & Employment Law Issues

At Julian Taylor HR Solicitors we have a wealth of experience in designing and delivering bespoke training to organisations on HR issues and employment law issues. This can be designed for all levels, from director to employee representative.

Our training experience

Our training experience includes awareness raising on key developments at director level, specialist HR training on strategic impact of employment law developments and operational training for HR and management based on implementation of policies and procedures to minimise employment litigation risks for managers and team leaders.

We have designed and successfully delivered training in classroom settings and more recently online. The training can be useful in increasing skills in relation to day to day management of staff and also for specific projects such as dealing with staff transfers, redundancy processes and addressing diversity and inclusion issues.

Training can be delivered as short awareness raising sessions which can be incorporated in pre-arranged meetings or as special full or half day sessions. Training will incorporate your policies and procedures and increase delegates’ awareness of the wider legal framework you are operating within. We design training to be interactive and use real case examples to bring the information to life. Delegate feedback on our training invariably states it is practical, informative and engaging.

Recent training has included:

  • Managing within the legal framework

  • Working with the union – a guide for managers

  • Employee representative training

  • Gender pay gap and assessing diversity issues

  • Managing the Menopause

  • Family friendly rights – leave and pay rights for employees

  • Disability Discrimination, unseen disabilities and mental health issues

  • Managing grievances, disciplinary and conduct issues

  • Employee/worker or self employed employment rights and tax issues

  • Employment law updates and changes on the horizon

Popular training topics:

disciplinary performance issues

Handling disciplinary and performance issues

redundancy at work

Redundancies and restructures

menopause workplace

Employee / worker consultancy


Diversity and inclusion


Absence and disability

trade union training

Working with unions

We bring over 70 years of combined experience working with clients in all sectors and sizes enabling us to give real-world experience and insight.

Bespoke HR and employment law training in Oxford. Discuss your training requirements with us.

If you would like to enquire about arranging training for your employees or organisation then why not reach out to us today.

Our bespoke HR and law employment training can be carried out on-site in person (we're based in Bicester, Oxford) as well as being offered remotely.

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