Business Immigration Solicitors

For Employees & Employers

Business Immigration Solicitors

For Employees & Employers

 Our specialist employment law firm can help employers and employees navigate the complex area of business immigration. Whether you are looking to recruit your first overseas employee, are an individual looking to work in the UK or just need advice on work visas in general, our solicitors can help.

Typical services we can help with

Here at Julian Taylor HR solicitors we can help both employers and employees with a range of business immigration issues. There are a range of work visas. The main types of visa and other processes for employers are set out below:

Cat 1 - Visas with a job offer

  • Health and Care Worker visa

  • Skilled Worker visa

Cat 2 - Work in the UK for an overseas employer

  • Senior or Specialist Worker visa (Global Business Mobility)

  • Overseas Domestic Worker visa

  • Graduate Trainee visa (Global Business Mobility)

  • Secondment Worker visa (Global Business Mobility)

  • Service Supplier visa (Global Business Mobility)

  • UK Expansion Worker visa (Global Business Mobility)

  • UK Expansion Worker Visa

  • Representative of an Overseas Business visa

  • Service providers from Switzerland visa

Cat 3 - Temporary work visas

  • Seasonal Worker visa (Temporary Work)

  • Government Authorised Exchange visa (Temporary Work)

  • Creative Worker visa (Temporary Work)

  • Religious Worker visa (Temporary Work)

  • Charity Worker visa (Temporary Work)

  • International Agreement visa (Temporary Work)

Cat 4 - Start a business

  • Start-up visa

  • Innovator Founder visa

Cat 5 - Other work visas and permits

  • International Sportsperson visa

  • Minister of Religion visa (T2)

  • Scale-up Worker visa

Cat 6 - Right to work checks

  • Checking a job applicant’s right to work

  • Check a job applicant’s right to work: use their share code

  • Check if a document allows someone to work in the UK

Cat 7 - Sponsors and sponsorship

  • Employees: if your visa sponsor loses their licence

  • UK visa sponsorship for employers

  • UK visa sponsorship management system

Common Immigration Issues

Can I get UK citizenship through business?

There are various routes to obtain UK citizenship through carrying out business or working in the UK.  It will depend on the type of visa you hold.  In general if you are at least 18 years old and have been granted indefinite leave to remain in the UK you may be able to apply for British Citizenship.

Can I employ someone from overseas?

This will depend on many factors including the job on offer, the salary you are offering, the country the individual is from and whether or not they are already in the UK.  This list is not exhaustive and each case needs to be considered individually.  But in general, if the individual does not have settled status and does not have other immigration permissions you will need to apply to the Home Office for a Sponsor Licence and issue them with a Sponsorship Certificate.

What do foreign workers need to work in the UK?

They need the ‘right’ or ‘permission’ to work in the UK.  This right is given by their visa.  You can check this online or by looking at their original documents.  

Can my employee bring their family to the UK on a work visa?

Family members can usually come to the UK with a person on a work visa.  They will need to apply for a dependent visa.  This visa is reliant on the main applicant securing their work visa first.

How long can my employee stay in UK on a work visa?

It depends on which visa your employee has.  A skilled worker visa can last up to 5 years.  The expiry date of the visa will be shown on it.  

What happens if I lose my job or resign?

If you are on a skilled worker visa your employer has 10 days from the date your employment terminates to inform the Home Office that you are no longer employed.  You have 60 days, or until your visa expires if earlier, to find an alternative job with a sponsored employer or leave the country.  You will receive a Notice Of Curtailment from the Home Office which sets out the date your visa expires.

Can I stay in the UK if I start a business?

If you want to start a business in the UK you can apply for an Innovator Founder visa.  If you are already in the UK on a different visa you may be able to switch to an Innovator Founder visa.

What is the golden visa in the UK?

The Tier 1 Investor visa was often called the Golden visa.  It enabled individuals investing at least £2 million or more a route to residency in the UK at a speed depending on the amount invested.  This visa is now closed to new applicants.

Can I extend my work visa in UK?

Skilled worker visas may last up to 5 years.  If you have lived and worked in the UK for 5 years on this type of visa you may be able to apply for settled status also known as indefinite leave to remain.  You will need to fulfil the relevant criteria including salary.

Do all work visas lead to settled status?

No, not all visas entitling you to work in the UK will enable you to apply for indefinite leave to remain.  For example, The Global Business Mobility Visa: Senior or Specialist Worker Visa (previously the Inter-Company Transfer visa) does not lead directly to settled status.

Do I need to check the right to work for all employees?

In short yes.  How you do this will depend on the immigration status of a potential employee.  

What is a Home Office online check?

It is a Home Office online service enabling an employer to check the right of an individual to work in the UK.  Not all checks can be carried out this way.  Whether or not you can use this service will depend on an individual’s immigration status.

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Business Immigration Solicitors in Oxford.

At Julian Taylor HR we’ve advised many businesses on issues relating to business immigration, from advising on work visa issues through to assisting with right to work checks, sponsors and sponsorship issues.

Reach out to us today if you would like specialist business immigration support from one of our solicitors.

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