New decade….new culture?

If anyone believed that the push towards challenging workplace cultures had lost momentum the new guidance from the EHRC published today “Sexual harassment and harassment at work” will dispel that belief. In addition to the new guidance, the EHRC chief executive has written directly to bosses of the 400 leading employers and industry groups to emphasise the key message in the guidance which is that existing cultures have to change.  The EHRC state bluntly that “the evidence of the need for tougher action on harassment in the workplace is overwhelming”.  The point is directly made in the guidance that if employers do not get their houses in order that the EHRC have a ”set of powerful tools to enforce the law.  We can, for example, take organisations to court and intervene in individual cases”. 

If you have any doubt about your obligations or need assistance with a strategy to improve your current culture or deal with ongoing issues please do contact us.

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