Right-to-work checks

The temporary adjusted right-to-work checks (which allowed employers to carry out right-to-work checks by video call, mobile app or email during the COVID-19 pandemic) will end on 20 June 2021.

In March 2020  the Home Office acknowledged the difficulties employers would face in conducting in-person checks and made a temporary change which meant that checks could be conducted online using scanned copies and video calls. These adjusted checks gave employers flexibility in checking employees’ right-to-work status, and provided a ‘statutory’ excuse to offences concerning alleged illegal working. This concession was originally due to end on 17 May, but was extended until 20 June, meaning that with effect from 21 June 2021 employers must revert to conducting full right-to-work checks.

The full checks require an employer to check an applicant’s original documents in person, or in certain cases online (if they have given you a share code to enable you to access their immigration documents).   

Employers will not have to conduct retrospective checks on those people who were subject to the COVID-19-adjusted regime between 30 March 2020 and 20 June 2021.

See here for full guidance on the adjusted and full checks.


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