Confusion over gender pay gap

A YouGov survey has revealed that almost two thirds of the British public are unaware of what the gender pay gap is. The survey of 1,640 adults asked whether they thought the gender pay gap was “women as a whole being paid less on average than men as a whole” or “women being paid less than men for doing the same job”.  Just 30% chose the correct first option.  64% chose the latter, confusing the gender pay gap with unequal pay.  YouGov Associate Research Director Tanya Abraham, sees the lack of understanding as a problem for those seeking to address the issue.

Currently only employers with 250 or more staff are covered by the legal requirement to publish gender pay gap data. However, we have seen many smaller employers starting to look at their gender pay gap data too and it is possible that the obligation will be broadened in due course. Contact us if we can help with gender pay gap or equal pay issues.

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