Why Us

Our clients describe us as knowledgeable and intuitive in the pragmatic advice that we deliver. That is because we have years of experience in providing employment law advice to employers and employees. In that time we have advised large employers, small employers, senior executives and employees in most situations that can arise. We understand the legal issues and the dynamics of the situation and this enables us to recommend robust, practical solutions to the issues faced.

We provide expert advice in a down to earth and approachable fashion. We have excellent academic records, good experience of the law and are people centred. All issues in employment law are primarily people issues and we ensure that we provide clear easily understood advice that is sensitive to the commercial or personal dynamic of the situation, whatever that may be.

We are cost effective. We do not have the large overhead of the larger firms but nevertheless have similar expertise and access to similar know how and precedents. In the past firms needed large offices with libraries. We have a small office with an online library enabling us to offer lower hourly rates.

We represent both employers and employees. This enables us not only to see both sides of an argument but to have practical, hands on experience in running both sides of an argument.

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