Services for Employees

We advise employees at all stages of the employment cycle from receiving their contract of employment, to issues arising during employment (for instance, parental rights, disciplinary, grievance, whistleblowing) to termination, bringing claims for unfair dismissal or breach of contract and defending claims to enforce restrictive covenants.

It is sensible to have your contract of employment reviewed before agreeing to it. This becomes more important the more senior you are. If you want to negotiate good terms on exit then you need to ensure that you have a good contract in place to form the basis of those negotiations.

If you find yourself engaged in some sort of dispute with your employer during the course of your employment it is sensible to ensure that you understand the legal context of your position so that well informed tactical or strategic decisions can be made. Decisions that should be matched to your objective, whatever that may be.

If it is necessary to bring claims in the employment tribunal or the courts then we have over 25 years’ experience of litigating matters in the employment tribunal and the High Court.